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Hello & welcome! My name is Jodi, and I am your personal photographer. I adore collecting and preserving those magical moments in your life. I am not just a photographer; I’m also a wife and a mother of two precious souls and two sweet pups! My family and I share a deep love for gardening, immersing ourselves in nature, and embarking on thrilling family adventures. It was the transformative experience of becoming a mother that ignited my passion for photography, propelling me into this beautiful journey of visual storytelling.

In my style of photography, light is everything. I’m enamored with how illumination can enhance moments and bring them to life. It’s this enchanting interplay of light that I aim to capture in the images we create together. My goal is to narrate your unique story through bold, emotionally resonant photographs.

Whatever the moment, whether it’s grand and momentous or small yet significant, if it holds importance to you, it deserves to be preserved and revisited time and time again. If you are seeking a photography experience that’s not only fun and memorable but also characterized by bright, vibrant imagery with a touch of whimsy, then you’ve found your gal!

“At the heart of my photography journey lies my unwavering dedication to not just capturing breathtaking images but also to building lasting connections and meaningful relationships with each and every client, ensuring that every photograph tells a unique and cherished story.”

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Experienced & Trusted Local Photographer

With a remarkable decade of experience, Jodi Blodgett Photography stands as an authority in the realm of local (MA, RI, CT) photography services. Her extensive knowledge, nurtured over the years, brings a level of expertise that ensures each photoshoot is a masterful blend of art and emotion. Having undertaken nearly a hundred shoots in the past two years, Jodi’s portfolio is a testament to her unwavering commitment to capturing love in its purest form.

What truly distinguishes Jodi Blodgett Photography is her trustworthiness and the meaningful connections she builds with her clients. Her numerous five-star reviews are not just testimonials of her photographic prowess but also testimonials of her character. Clients turned friends, they testify to the genuine bond that Jodi forges with those she photographs. This deep-rooted connection enables her to create photographs that resonate with the essence of each relationship, making every image a beautiful and heartfelt story. Jodi Blodgett Photography’s engagement and couples photography services are more than just a session; they are a journey through love, shared with an expert who has become a cherished friend.

“Jodi is absolutely amazing! She does such amazing work and she is so personable. She never made us feel rushed or uncomfortable, which was huge for us and our babies. She even included our fur-baby in our special session! I cannot recommend her enough over anyone else!”


— Ashley C.


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