Detailed Guide to Planning a Beach Maternity Photo Shoot

by | May 21, 2024 | Beach Maternity Photo Shoot, New England Beach Maternity Photography

Planning your beach maternity photo shoot is about capturing the breathtaking beauty of pregnancy against the serene backdrop of the ocean. If you’re looking to preserve this special time with photos that radiate warmth and joy, beach maternity photoshoots offer unique, vibrant scenes that beautifully frame your growing family.

Maternity shoots at the beach are cherished for their ability to blend natural landscapes with personal moments of anticipation and joy. The soft sand and soothing waves create a peaceful ambiance, perfect for highlighting the intimate journey of expecting mothers and their families.

Whether you’re draped in a flowy gown by the shoreline or sharing a tender moment with your partner under a pastel sunset, every shot promises to encapsulate the emotion and beauty of this significant phase of life.

To ensure your session captures these moments flawlessly, consider timing, attire, and poses that reflect your family’s personality and style. Early morning or late afternoon, known as the golden hour, provides soft, flattering lighting. Comfortable yet elegant outfits can complement the natural setting, and relaxed, natural poses can help convey genuine emotions and connections.

Infographic detailing optimal times, attire suggestions, and pose ideas for a beach maternity photo shoot - beach maternity photo shoot infographic step-infographic-4-steps

When planned carefully, a beach maternity photo shoot doesn’t just produce photographs; it creates lasting memories that you’ll cherish as your family grows.

Choosing the Perfect Time and Location for Your Beach Maternity Photo Shoot

Selecting the right time and location for your beach maternity session is crucial in capturing those magical moments. Here are some ideas, tips, and suggestions on what to wear for a beach maternity photoshoot to make the best choices:

Golden Hour: Why It’s Prime Time

The golden hour, occurring just after sunrise or before sunset, is renowned for its soft, warm hues and even lighting. This time is ideal for maternity shoots as it enhances skin tones and minimizes shadows and harsh light. Photographing during these times adds a dreamy, ethereal quality to your images.

Sunrise vs. Sunset: Picking Your Moment

  • Sunrise: Offers cooler, serene settings with fewer people around. It’s perfect if you want a peaceful, intimate shoot.
  • Sunset: Provides warmer tones and often comes with a more vibrant sky. However, beaches might be more crowded, so plan accordingly.

Weather Considerations: Always Check the Forecast

Unexpected weather can be a photographer’s bane. Always check the weather forecast a few days ahead of your scheduled shoot. Overcast days can also provide excellent lighting opportunities, with the soft cloud cover acting as a natural diffuser.

Scenic Beaches: Choosing Your Canvas

Look for beaches with a variety of features such as dunes, rocks, and vegetation, which can add interesting elements and textures to your photos. Ensure the beach is accessible and safe for a pregnant individual, and consider privacy and comfort by choosing less crowded spots or private beaches if possible.

Local Insights: Tap into Professional Advice

Consult with local photographers like those from Jodi Blodgett Photography, who understand the nuances of the local landscape and can offer insights into the best times and locations specific to your area. They can guide you towards hidden gems and the best times to capture the tide and natural lighting conditions optimally.

By focusing on these elements, you can ensure that your beach maternity photo shoot is not only beautiful but also comfortable and memorable. Next, let’s explore what to wear to make your beach maternity photoshoot as picturesque as possible.

What to Wear for a Beach Maternity Photo Shoot

What to Wear for a Beach Maternity Photo Shoot with the Family - New England Beach Maternity Photoshoots

Choosing the right outfits for your beach maternity photo shoot is crucial for creating beautiful, timeless beach photos. Here are some suggestions on what to wear to look your best while keeping comfort in mind.

2.2 Comfortable and Beautiful Options

Neutral outfits are a comfortable and beautiful option for maternity shoots. They are versatile and work well in various settings, including beach maternity shoots.

Flowy Dresses

A classic choice for maternity shoots, flowy dresses offer comfort and elegance. They move beautifully in the breeze and complement the natural beach setting. Opt for dresses with a bit of extra fabric to play with, which can add a dramatic effect in your photos. For instance, a long dress with a train can look stunning against the backdrop of the ocean.

Neutral Colors

When selecting the color of your outfit, consider neutral tones. These colors blend harmoniously with the beach environment and help keep the focus on your silhouette and expressions. Colors like beige, soft pinks, light blues, and whites are ideal. They reflect the natural light beautifully, enhancing that maternal glow.

Fabric Types

The type of fabric you choose can significantly affect the look of your photos. Light, airy fabrics like chiffon or silk give a soft, romantic feel and handle well in the beach breeze. Avoid heavy materials that might look bulky and uncomfortable. Also, consider the sheerness of the fabric for an ethereal vibe, as seen in many professional maternity shoots.

Footwear Options

Footwear is an often-overlooked aspect of maternity photo shoots. On the beach, it’s best to go barefoot to add a natural, earthy feel to your images. However, if you prefer wearing shoes, consider sandals or wedges that are easy to walk in the sand with. Avoid high heels as they can sink into the sand and make walking difficult.

By choosing outfits that are both beautiful and comfortable, you can ensure that your beach maternity photos not only look stunning but also capture the joy and elegance of your pregnancy. Next, we’ll dive into some posing ideas to further enhance the beauty of your beach maternity photos.

Posing Ideas to Enhance Your Beach Maternity Photos

Posing Ideas to Enhance Your Beach Maternity Photo Sessions

When planning your beach maternity photo shoot, choosing outfits that looked amazing can significantly influence the mood and beauty of the photos. Here are some ideas to help you capture both the magic of maternity and the charm of the beach setting.

Candid Moments

Candid photography captures the spontaneous interactions and genuine emotions of the subjects. For a beach maternity shoot, imagine capturing laughter as the waves tickle your feet or a serene moment of you looking out over the ocean. These unposed moments often become the most cherished photos because they show real joy and natural expressions.

Family Interactions

Including your partner or other children in your maternity photos can add a layer of depth and emotion to the images. Consider poses that show the connection between family members, like your partner kissing your belly or older siblings listening to the baby bump. These interactions not only create beautiful images but also help in capturing the excitement and love your family shares during this special time.

Solo Poses

Focus on the mother-to-be with solo poses that highlight the beauty and strength of pregnancy. Classic poses can include cradling the belly, standing sideways to profile the bump, or a silhouette against the setting sun. Each of these poses emphasizes the grace and transformation experienced during pregnancy.

Incorporating Children

If you have older children, include them in fun and playful ways. Let them draw in the sand near your feet or whisper secrets to the baby bump. These poses are not just adorable but also help in making older siblings feel involved and excited about the new addition to the family.

Utilizing Natural Elements

The beach offers unique natural elements that can enhance your maternity photos. For instance, standing near the shoreline with the water washing over your feet can add a dynamic element to your photos. Alternatively, lying back on a blanket with the sand as your backdrop can give a relaxed and peaceful vibe.

By using these posing ideas, your beach maternity photo shoot will not only capture the beauty of your pregnancy but also the unique, serene setting of the beach. These photos will be treasures that remind you of this special time in your life. Next, we’ll explore professional tips to ensure these moments are captured perfectly.

Capturing the Right Moments: Tips from Professionals

Capturing the Right Maternity Photo Moments Tips from New England Photography Professionals

When planning a beach maternity photo shoot, consider options for professional hair and makeup to enhance your look. Getting the best shots involves more than just showing up and clicking the camera. Here are some professional tips to help you capture those magical moments effectively:

Utilizing Natural Light

Natural light is your best ally in photography, especially at the beach. Aim to schedule your shoot during the golden hour—the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. This time provides a soft, diffused light that enhances skin tones and gives the beach a warm, inviting glow. Jodi Blodgett Photography often emphasizes the importance of this timing to avoid harsh shadows and squinting subjects.

Avoiding Crowds

Beaches can get crowded, especially during warm weather and on weekends. Crowds can distract from the intimate and serene feeling you want in maternity photos. To avoid this, choose a less popular beach or schedule your shoot for early morning hours during weekdays. This not only ensures a less crowded beach but also takes advantage of the tranquil morning light.

Capturing Emotional Expressions

The emotional connection between the family members, especially the expectant mother, is central to maternity photos. Encourage natural interactions and expressions by keeping the atmosphere light and fun. Jodi Blodgett Photography suggests engaging in genuine conversation about the pregnancy and expectations of the new baby to evoke natural smiles and tender moments. The goal is to capture the joy and anticipation of the new arrival.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Selecting a photographer who understands the nuances of a beach maternity photo shoot is crucial. Look for someone like Jodi Blodgett, who not only has experience with beach photography but also resonates with the style and emotion you want to capture. Review their portfolio to ensure their previous work aligns with your vision.

By focusing on these aspects, your maternity shoot will be more than just pictures. It will be a reflection of the beauty and emotion of your pregnancy, set against the stunning backdrop of the beach. Next, we will answer some common questions about beach maternity photo shoots to help you prepare even better.


As we wrap up our guide on planning your beach maternity photo shoot, it’s important to reflect on the significance of these moments. A maternity photo shoot isn’t just about taking beautiful pictures; it’s about capturing the joy and anticipation of welcoming new life into your family. These photographs will become treasured keepsakes, evoking memories of this unique time for years to come.

  • Choosing the Right Photographer: The significance of selecting a skilled photographer for your beach maternity photo shoot cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to choose someone who not only has technical expertise but also understands the emotional nuances of maternity photography. At Jodi Blodgett Photography, we specialize in capturing these intimate moments with sensitivity and creativity, ensuring that your photos are not just seen but felt.
  • Celebrating New Life: Each photo taken is a celebration of life and the journey of parenthood that awaits. The serene backdrop of the beach, with its natural light and soothing sounds, adds a layer of tranquility and beauty to this celebration. Whether it’s the gentle touch of a hand on the belly or a playful moment by the shoreline, every shot contributes to the story of your growing family.

In conclusion, a beach maternity photo shoot is more than just a session; it’s an experience that celebrates and commemorates the journey of life. By choosing the perfect location, wearing the right outfits, and working with a photographer who understands your vision, you can ensure that these fleeting moments are captured beautifully and authentically. 

Contact us today at Jodi Blodgett Photography. Let us help you create lasting memories that you and your family will cherish forever as you step into this exciting new chapter of your lives.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beach Maternity Photo Shoots

How to take maternity photos at the beach?

Taking maternity photos at the beach involves a mix of the right posesangles, and shoreline walks. Here are some simple tips:

  • Use Natural Poses: Encourage natural movements such as walking along the shoreline, holding hands, or gently touching the belly.
  • Experiment with Angles: Try different angles to capture the vastness of the ocean and the intimacy of the moment. Low angles can make the belly prominent and give a powerful feel to the photo.
  • Walk Along the Shoreline: Capture the couple or the mother walking along the water’s edge. The movement can create dynamic and candid shots.

What to wear to a maternity photoshoot at the beach?

Choosing the right outfit is crucial for comfort and aesthetics:

  • Wet-Friendly Attire: Opt for dresses or skirts that won’t be damaged by water, as you might want to capture moments near or in the water.
  • Satin Dresses: These can add a touch of elegance and flow beautifully in the breeze, perfect for beach settings.
  • Swimsuits: A tasteful swimsuit or bikini paired with a sheer wrap can make for bold, beautiful maternity photos.

What colors are good for beach maternity photos?

Selecting the right colors can enhance the natural beauty of the beach backdrop:

  • Soft Colors: Soft blues, greens, and corals complement the sea and sky, creating a serene aesthetic.
  • Pastel Dresses: Pastels are gentle and often mesh well with the soft lighting of golden hour.
  • Backdrop Harmony: Choose colors that harmonize with the beach setting. Neutral tones like beige, light brown, and white can blend beautifully with the sandy shores and help the subjects stand out.

By considering these elements, you can ensure that your beach maternity photo shoot captures the beauty and essence of this special time. 

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