Ultimate Guide: What is an Elopement Photographer?

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If you’re wondering, “What is an elopement photographer?” you’re in the right place. In simplest terms, an elopement photographer specializes in capturing the intimate and adventurous moments of couples who choose to elope. Unlike traditional wedding photography, elopement photography focuses on the unique story and connection of the couple in a more intimate setting.

Elopements have gained popularity as couples seek a more personal and meaningful experience that focuses on their relationship rather than the spectacle of a large wedding. This trend towards intimacy and adventure has led many to choose the path of eloping, whether it’s in a local hideaway or a destination far from home.

Guide: What is an Elopement Photographer?

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Elopement photographers are there to capture the journey, offering not just photography, but often assisting in planning, scouting breathtaking locations, and ensuring the day is as stress-free as possible. They are part-adventurer, part-storyteller, completely focused on illustrating the love story that is as unique as the couple themselves.

What is Elopement Photography?

What is an elopement photographer? They are more than just a person with a camera; they are storytellers, planners, and adventurers. They are dedicated to capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions of the day, ensuring that the couple can relive their special moments for years to come.

Elopement photographers are experts at capturing the essence of these intimate moments. They understand the unique dynamics of elopements and are skilled at documenting the day in a way that is both authentic and artistic. They know how to navigate diverse locations, from the serene to the adventurous, ensuring that the couple’s story is told in a way that is true to them.

Through their lens, they offer a window into the intimate, joyful, and sometimes whimsical world of elopements, showcasing the beauty of choosing a path less traveled for one of life’s most significant milestones.

Why Choose Elopement Photography?

When it comes to saying “I do,” more and more couples are stepping away from the grand spectacle of traditional weddings and opting for something that feels truer to their personal story. Elopement photography captures these intimate, genuine moments in a way that’s both beautiful and deeply personal. Let’s break down why elopement photography might be the perfect fit for your special day.


Elopement strips the wedding day down to its core – a celebration of love between two people. Without the pressure of performing for guests, couples can focus on what truly matters to them. This authenticity shines through in every photo, capturing raw emotions and genuine moments that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


Planning a traditional wedding can quickly become overwhelming with its endless decisions and hefty price tags. Elopement photography offers a simpler, more relaxed approach. Imagine saying your vows in a serene setting without worrying about seating arrangements or if the DJ will play the right song. This stress-free experience allows couples to be present and fully enjoy their day.


Elopements can significantly cut down on wedding costs. Without the need for a large venue, extensive catering, or a big guest list, couples can allocate their budget to what truly matters to them. Whether it’s investing in a top-notch photographer to capture the day or splurging on a dream honeymoon, elopement makes it possible to prioritize your preferences without breaking the bank.


For the adventurous at heart, elopement opens up a world of possibilities. From mountaintops to secluded beaches, couples can choose a location that reflects their spirit of adventure. This sense of adventure adds an exhilarating backdrop to your wedding photos, creating memories that are as unique as your relationship.


At its heart, elopement is about intimacy. It’s an opportunity to share one of the most significant moments of your life in a setting that feels personal and sacred. Elopement photography captures this intimacy, focusing on the connection between the couple. These photos serve as a reminder of the love and commitment that brought you together in marriage in the first place.

The Role of an Elopement Photographer

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Elopement photography is about capturing the essence of two people embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures together. But what is an elopement photographer exactly? They’re not just someone who takes pictures. They wear many hats, each crucial to making your elopement as memorable and seamless as possible.

Planning Assistance

An elopement photographer is your planning partner. They help you with the nuts and bolts of your elopement, from the initial concept to the execution. This might include advice on the best time of year to elope in your dream location, or how to structure your day to make the most of the light and scenery.

Location Scouting

Finding the perfect spot to say your vows is no small feat. Elopement photographers spend countless hours researching and visiting locations. They look for places that not only provide a stunning backdrop but also match the couple’s personality and adventure level. This deep dive into location scouting ensures your elopement is as unique as your love story.

Timeline Creation

Elopement photographers are masters of timing. They create a detailed timeline for your day, ensuring there’s ample time for each activity without feeling rushed. This includes accounting for travel between locations, the best light for photos, and even a little downtime for you to soak it all in.

Vendor Recommendations

From florists who specialize in wild, adventure-proof bouquets to officiants who will hike to your mountaintop ceremony, elopement photographers have a network of vendors. They can recommend the perfect team to bring your elopement vision to life.

Emotional Support

Yes, your elopement photographer is also a pillar of emotional support. They understand the stresses and joys of eloping and are there to offer a calming presence, ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your adventure.

Documentary-Style Photography

Elopement photographers specialize in a documentary style, capturing moments as they naturally unfold. They’re experts at blending into the background, photographing the laughter, tears, and quiet moments that tell the true story of your day.

Adventure Guide

Your elopement photographer is also your guide to adventure. They’re equipped with outdoor knowledge, from how to prepare for changing weather conditions to understanding the local wildlife. They ensure your adventure is not only photographed but also safe and enjoyable.

An elopement photographer is so much more than someone who takes pictures. They’re your planner, scout, guide, and support system, all rolled into one. They play a pivotal role in crafting an elopement experience that reflects who you are as a couple and the love you share. As we explore how to start your journey as an elopement photographer, it’s about creating experiences that last a lifetime.

How to Start as an Elopement Photographer

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Starting as an elopement photographer is an adventure in itself. It’s about capturing love stories in some of the most stunning and sometimes remote locations. Here’s how you can kickstart your journey in the niche of elopement photography.

Be Adventurous

First and foremost, you need to embrace adventure. Elopement photography often involves traveling to unique places and sometimes hiking to get the perfect shot. Your willingness to explore and take on challenges will not only set you apart but also attract adventurous couples.

Expand Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is your ticket to booking clients. Start by expanding it to include diverse couples and locations. If you’re new, consider offering discounted sessions to build your portfolio. Show potential clients that you can capture intimate moments in various settings.


Develop your expertise in elopement photography. Understand the nuances that differentiate it from more traditional wedding venues and photography, such as the importance of location scouting and knowing how to capture the adventure and intimacy of elopements. Continuous learning and practice will refine your skills.

Creating Experiences

Your role extends beyond photography. You’re helping couples plan one of the most significant days of their lives. Offer guidance on locations, timing wedding attire, and logistics. The more you can assist in creating a memorable experience, the more value you add to your services.

Starting as an elopement photographer is an exciting journey. It allows you to combine your passion for photography with the love of adventure. By being adventurous, expanding your portfolio, participating in styled shoots, honing your expertise, focusing on branding, marketing effectively, and creating unforgettable experiences, you’ll set yourself up for success in elopement photography.

Planning Your Elopement with a Photographer

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When you decide to elope, you’re choosing an intimate, unique, and often adventurous way to say “I do.” But even the simplest elopement requires some planning—especially if you want it to be memorable and stress-free. Here’s how an elopement photographer can help you plan your perfect day, from choosing locations to coordinating vendors.

Choosing Locations

The first step in planning your elopement ceremony is deciding where it will take place. This might be a local spot that’s special to you both, a stunning national park, or even a destination halfway around the world. Your elopement photographer can offer suggestions based on your preferences and their experience.

Securing Permits

Many public and natural spaces require permits for events, including elopements. Your photographer can guide you through this process, ensuring you have the necessary permissions. This avoids any legal issues on your big day and ensures that your chosen spot will be available to you.

Timeline Planning

Elopements may not have the complex schedules of more traditional weddings, but a timeline is still essential. Your photographer can help you plan the flow of your day, from when you start getting ready to your celebratory dinner. This ensures you have enough time for everything, especially capturing those precious, candid moments.

Vendor Coordination

While elopements are simpler, you might still want a few key vendors, like a florist for your bouquet or a musician for your ceremony. An experienced elopement photographer likely has a network of vendors familiar with elopements and can coordinate with them to ensure everything comes together seamlessly.

Activity Ideas

Your elopement can be more than just a reception and an exchange of vows. Whether it’s a hike to your ceremony spot, a private cooking class, or a scenic helicopter ride, your photographer can suggest activities that make your day even more special. They can help you plan these activities around the best light for photos, too.

Elopement Packages

Many elopement photographers offer packages that include not just photography, but also planning services and vendor coordination. This can be a great option if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your elopement planning needs. Packages can vary widely, so discuss your vision with your photographer to find the right fit.

Jodi Blodgett Photography

At Jodi Blodgett Photography, we specialize in capturing the essence of your elopement. From scouting the perfect location to coordinating with vendors, we’re here to make your day unforgettable. Our elopement packages are designed to take the stress out of planning, allowing you to focus on each other and the adventure ahead.


Elopement photography isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about capturing a story. The story of two people choosing an intimate, authentic wedding celebration because of their love. It’s about the moments of joy, the quiet whispers, the breathtaking landscapes, and the spontaneous adventures. This form of photography strips away the distractions, focusing solely on the couple and their unique journey.

Choosing to elope is choosing a path less traveled. It’s a declaration that your love story is yours to write, in whatever way feels most true to you. It’s a brave, beautiful choice, and it deserves to be captured with care, creativity, and respect. That’s where we come in. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that every laugh, every tear, and every breathtaking view is immortalized.

Contact us today at Jodi Blodgett Photography, we understand the profound importance of elopement photography. We’re not just photographers; we’re storytellers, adventurers, planners, and, most importantly, your partners in crafting an unforgettable elopement experience. We believe in the power of small, intimate ceremonies to create profound, lasting memories. Our passion is to capture the essence of your love in a way that’s as unique as your relationship.

Discover how we can be part of your journey. Explore our services and see how we can make your elopement unforgettable. Let’s start planning your dream elopement together.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elopement Photography

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Why are Elopement Photographers Expensive?

Elopement photographers do a lot more than just take pictures. They’re involved in location scouting, which means they spend hours, sometimes days, finding the perfect spots for your elopement. This isn’t just about beauty; it’s about finding places that are accessible, have the right lighting, and match your vision.

They also plan alongside you. Planning an elopement can be as complex as planning a traditional wedding, especially when it involves travel, hiking, or navigating public lands. Elopement photographers help with timelines, suggest vendors, and might even assist in planning the day’s activities.

How Many Photos from an Elopement?

The number of photos delivered from an elopement varies. On average, you might expect anywhere from 50 to 200 photos, depending on the length of the coverage and the activities involved. Elopement photographers focus on quality over quantity, capturing moments that tell the story of your day. They provide gallery insights, offering sneak peeks into your day through beautifully curated selections that highlight the emotion and adventure of your elopement day.

Difference Between Elopement and Wedding Photography?

The key differences lie in guest count, planning involvement, and location flexibility.

  • Guest Count: Elopements typically involve just the couple or a very small group of guests. This intimacy changes the dynamic, allowing for more spontaneous and personal photography.
  • Planning Involvement: Elopement photographers are often more involved in the planning process. They’re not just showing up on the day; they’re helping you craft the experience from the ground up.
  • Location Flexibility: Elopements offer more flexibility in choosing locations. You’re not limited to venues; you can get married on a mountaintop, by a waterfall, or in a secluded forest. Elopement photographers are adventurers at heart, ready to explore these unique locations with you.

Elopement photography is about capturing the essence of your love in a way that’s as unique as your relationship. Whether it’s helping plan the day, navigating the legalities of permits, or delivering a gallery that brings tears to your eyes, an elopement photographer is an essential part of creating and capturing your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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