When to Do Newborn Photography: A Detailed Guide

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Newborn Photography

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to newborn photography, however, the value of a picture can be immeasurable. The memory of your newborn baby will live forever within the adorable baby photos.

The newborn stage is fleeting, and capturing these precious moments in professionally taken photographs can be a priceless treasure for parents. This article will guide you through the optimal timeline and considerations for when to do newborn photography, ensuring that you immortalize the enchanting innocence and charm of your newborn.

The first major question that arises is “When is the best time to take newborn photos?” The general rule amongst professional photographers is that the optimal window for newborn photos lies within the first two weeks of birth, with the ‘magic’ period being between 5 to 10 days after delivery.

Once you know the importance of timing within newborn photography, people will constantly wonder how you got these incredible newborn portraits.

The First Two Weeks: The Golden Period

The first two weeks after the baby’s birth is generally the best time to take newborn photos.

The primary reasons that make the initial two weeks after birth the ‘golden period’ for newborn photography are their sleep patterns and physical flexibility. During this phase, babies are usually in a deep sleep the entire time, which makes it easy to pose them without causing any discomfort.

They’re also more ‘malleable’, as they naturally enjoy and comfortably adapt to the curled-up poses that are characteristic of newborn photography. Posed newborn photos are easier to achieve with babies that are younger than two weeks of age.

5 to 10 Days: The Magic Window

Understanding the Newborn Photography Window entails digging deeper into the golden period, the ‘magic window’ of 5 to 10 days is considered a popular time to photograph newborns. During this time, babies are still quite snuggly and comfortable in those more curled-up positions. They are also sleeping for longer periods.

Most importantly, they start to lose their umbilical cord stump, which means there won’t be a need to compromise poses to hide it. Moreover, during this magic window, babies usually have clearer skin as many babies get acne after two weeks.

It is recommended to schedule a baby’s newborn photo session anytime between 5 to 10 days to ensure a cooperative and sleepy baby. Although older babies are more awake, adjustments can be made to accommodate their alertness and less curled up nature.

Factors Affecting the Newborn Photo Session Timing

best time for newborn photos

Several factors can influence the timing of a newborn photo session. These factors can vary for each baby, making it crucial to communicate with the parents to understand the newborn’s feeding and sleeping cycle.

Baby’s Due Date

The baby’s due date can significantly influence the timing of the newborn photography session.

If the baby arrives prematurely or spends an extended period in the hospital due to health concerns, the photo session might need to be pushed back to allow the baby and the parents some time to adjust.

Ultimately, the well-being of the newborn should be the main goal in the pursuit of capturing the special memory of your child’s new life. Photographers and parents should collaborate to schedule the perfect time to take newborn photos to ensure the baby’s safety and well-being.

Feeding Method

The feeding method chosen by the parents can also impact the scheduling of the session. Breastfeeding might require a slightly later session, around two weeks, as it can take some time for the mother and the baby to establish a feeding routine.

On the other hand, if bottle-feeding is chosen from the start, the newborn photo sessions can be scheduled around 8 days after birth.

Parent’s Confidence

The confidence level of the parents, especially if they are a new mom or dad, can also affect the timing of the newborn photo shoot.

As new parents adjust to their new roles, they might need some time before they feel comfortable scheduling a photo session.

It is very important for newborn photographers and other individuals involved to be both understanding and accommodating in deciding the best time to take newborn photos. Patience and flexibility are essential because time may be required for the parents to feel more comfortable and ready to capture newborn photos.

The Weight of the Baby

The baby’s weight can also be a deciding factor in scheduling the newborn photo session. Babies who are heavier at birth might become more awake sooner, which could mean scheduling the session a bit earlier.

On the other hand, babies who are smaller at birth might need additional time before they are ready for a photo session.

Newborn Photos After Two Weeks: What to Expect?

when to do newborn photography

Even though the first 14 days are considered the ‘golden period’ for newborn photography, it doesn’t mean that beautiful newborn photographs cannot be captured after this period.

It’s entirely possible to conduct a newborn-style session with babies up to a month old, albeit with some modifications in styling and posing.

For babies between 3 and 6 weeks old, the focus might be more on wrapped posing or more natural lie-down poses, as they might not be as comfortable in more fetal, curled-up poses.

The Best Time of Day for Newborn Photography

The time of day can also play a crucial role in newborn photography.

The morning hours are usually the best for newborn photography as babies are typically more relaxed, less fussy, and more likely to feel less sleepy. However, it’s crucial to align the shoot with the baby’s nap schedule, which can vary.

Including Parents and Siblings in Newborn Sessions

baby comfortable photo

Including parents and siblings in newborn sessions adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the photographs.

These first images of a new family are precious keepsakes that parents cherish forever. Therefore, it’s essential to plan and prepare for family shots as part of the newborn photography session.

Safety Precautions in Newborn Photography

Safety should always be the number one priority during a newborn photo session. A professional newborn photographer is important to consider since they specialize in conducting specific safety precautions for photographing newborn babies.

An experienced newborn photographer will ensure that the baby is always comfortable and safe. No pose should ever cause discomfort to the baby, and all props and poses should be adapted according to the baby’s comfort and safety.

Even the clothing choices and temperature of the room can affect how the baby feels during the newborn photoshoot. Ultimately, a professional photography session can ensure that your baby is comfortable.

As long as the baby’s comfort and safety are ensured, beautiful newborn photographs can be captured at any stage. It is important to remember that your baby is only a newborn for a timeframe of 8 weeks.

The Value of Using a Professional Newborn Photographer

awake newborn baby photo

Professional newborn photography is so much more than just taking pretty pictures. It’s about capturing and preserving the fleeting moments of your baby’s first days of life. It’s about creating art within amazing images that tell your family’s unique story.

Jodi Blodgett is a professional newborn photographer who deeply understands the significance of newborn photography. Jodi Blodgett Photography is renowned for its warm, passionate, and highly personal approach to newborn photography.

As a seasoned storyteller, Jodi uses her expertise to capture and preserve cherished moments in a vibrant, evocative, and creatively vibrant style. New parents choose Jodi Blodgett for their newborn photography needs because of her commitment to crafting unique and meaningful connections, her love for photography, and her ability to capture the essence of family and shared experiences.

“We had such a wonderful newborn photo session with Jodi this spring. She was so sweet and gentle with our baby girl and took her time posing her. We never felt rushed or stressed, even when our baby wouldn’t go back to sleep and needed a pacifier in between every shot. She has a great eye for lighting and space and made us all feel so comfortable. We are so thankful for the beautiful moments captured by this great photographer and highly recommend her for newborn and family photos.” – Tiffany W.

Conclusion: When to do Newborn Photography

In conclusion, while the first two weeks, particularly the ‘magic window’ of 5 to 10 days, is considered the optimal age for newborn photography, it’s possible to capture beautiful newborn photographs even beyond this period. Older babies tend to be more interactive than younger babies since they can show off more facial expressions like their big happy smiles.

The key is to understand the unique circumstances of each newborn baby and to adapt the session accordingly.

Remember, when to do newborn photography is when both the baby and the parents are ready. With a little bit of planning and the right professional, like Jodi Blodgett Photography, you can immortalize the enchanting innocence and charm of your new baby in beautiful photographs.

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