The Best Pregnancy Photography Poses for Beginners

by | May 28, 2024 | Pregnancy Poses for Beginners

Pregnancy photography poses are all about celebrating the beauty of maternity and capturing these precious moments through maternity photoshoots that you will cherish forever. For expecting parents, especially first-time moms and dads, a maternity photo session with a professional photographer can be a wonderful way to document this incredible journey. Let’s dive deep into the world of the maternity shoot.

Maternity photography is not just about clicking pictures; it’s about capturing the emotions, anticipation, and love that surround the expecting couple. From the joy of feeling those first kicks to the excitement of preparing for a new addition to the family, each pose is a way to freeze these fleeting moments in time.

Tips on Pregnancy Photography Poses:

  1. Holding the Belly – Classic and elegant.
  2. Embrace with a Kiss – Showcases affection and connection.
  3. Arm Hold – Highlights family bond.
  4. Candid Snuggle – Natural and intimate moments.
  5. Dance and Twirl – Adds motion and joy.

Creating a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere is key to achieving genuine and heartfelt photos. These images will become treasured keepsakes, beautiful reminders of this significant chapter of your life.

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Setting the Tone for Your Maternity Session

Creating a relaxed atmosphere is crucial for capturing those genuine, heartfelt moments in maternity sessions. Most couples, especially first-time parents, might feel nervous or awkward at the beginning. As a photographer, it’s your job to ease their nerves and make them feel comfortable.

Ensuring the comfort and safety of pregnant women during the session is paramount to capturing genuine and relaxed photos.

Start by assuring them that this session will be easy and fun. A light-hearted comment, like joking that this might be their last photoshoot where they are the focus, can break the ice and bring a sense of relief.

Natural Moments

Encourage natural moments by giving simple, clear prompts rather than strict poses. Encourage the mom-to-be to wear clothing that flatters her pregnant body, enhancing the natural beauty of the moment. For instance, ask the mom-to-be to think about how much she already loves her baby while looking down at her bump. This often results in a serene, loving expression that makes for a beautiful photo. Taking a few photos in various scenarios can help capture these authentic moments.

When incorporating the dad, small gestures like a gentle kiss on the mom’s temple or a tender embrace can showcase their affection naturally. The more relaxed and natural the couple feels, the better the photos will turn out.

Comfortable Clients

Ensuring your clients are comfortable is essential for a successful maternity photoshoot. This includes both physical comfort and emotional ease.

Physical Comfort:

  • Choose poses that are easy to hold and don’t strain the mom-to-be.
  • Allow breaks as needed, especially for longer sessions.
  • Ensure the location is safe and accessible.

Emotional Ease:

  • Build rapport with the couple before the session starts. Ask about their pregnancy journey, share a bit about yourself, and keep the conversation light and friendly.
  • Give positive feedback throughout the shoot to boost their confidence.

By setting a relaxed tone, encouraging natural moments, and keeping your clients comfortable, you’ll capture authentic, touching images that they will treasure forever.

Top 5 Best Pregnancy Photography Poses

couples maternity sessions in New England

Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty is a timeless and elegant maternity pose that highlights the natural glow of pregnancy and showcases the beautiful baby bump.

  1. Hand on Bump: Ask the mom-to-be to stand at an angle and keep a hand on her bump. This creates a natural and flattering silhouette.
  2. Look at Camera: Have her look directly at the camera. This creates a strong connection with the viewer.
  3. Look Down at Baby: Ask her to look down at her baby bump and think about how much she loves her baby already. This often brings out a tender, loving expression.
  4. Gaze into Distance: Encourage her to gaze into the distance or smile at her partner off to the side. This adds a dreamy quality to the photo.

Embrace with a Kiss

Including dad in the photos adds a layer of intimacy and affection.

Embrace with a Kiss is all about showcasing this bond.

  1. Dad Kisses Mom: Have dad lightly kiss mom’s temple while keeping his eyes closed. This small gesture captures a sweet and natural moment.
  2. Smell Mom’s Hair: As a variation, ask dad to gently smell mom’s hair. This can evoke a tender and emotional response from both parents.

Arm Hold

Arm Hold is a pose that emphasizes the protective and supportive role of the partner.

  1. Mom Grabs Dad’s Arm: Position dad to face away from the camera while mom faces you. Ask mom to grab dad’s arm with one hand and keep the other on her bump.
  2. Head on Shoulder: If dad is taller, ask mom to rest her head on his shoulder. This creates a cozy and intimate feel.
  3. Look at Each Other: Have both parents look at each other. If they feel comfortable, a kiss can add an extra touch of affection.

Candid Snuggle

Candid Snuggle captures the warmth and closeness of the couple. This pose is perfect for capturing the natural beauty and comfort of pregnant women as they share a tender moment with their partner.

  1. Dad Holds Mom: Have dad sit on the ground with his legs extended and mom sitting between them. Dad should hold mom in a protective embrace.
  2. Focus on Bump: Focus the shot on the pregnant belly, capturing it from various angles to tell a story. One effective angle is from above, highlighting the connection between the parents and their baby.
  3. Look Down at Baby: Ask them to snuggle together and look down at the baby bump, thinking about how much they love their baby already.

Dance and Twirl with Baby Bump

Incorporating motion into your photoshoots can create beautiful and natural moments.

Dance and Twirl is a playful pose that brings energy to the session.

  1. Twirling Mom: Ask dad to twirl mom. This doesn’t have to be perfect; the goal is to capture the joy and movement.
  2. Eyes on Dad: Have mom keep her eyes on dad while twirling. This ensures a connection between them in the photo.
  3. Dip Mom: If they are comfortable, have dad dip mom. This adds a dramatic and romantic touch to the photos.

By using these maternity poses, you can capture the beautiful essence of pregnancy in a variety of ways. Each pose tells a different part of the story, from the simple beauty of a mom-to-be to the loving embrace of a couple eagerly awaiting their new arrival.

Pregnancy Photography Poses with Husband

New England maternity photos

When it comes to pregnancy photography poses with a husband, the goal is to capture intimate moments and showcase the affection between the pregnant mother and her partner. These poses highlight the connection and excitement of expecting parents.

Holding Hands

A simple yet powerful pose is holding hands. This pose can be done while walking together, which helps to relax the couple and create natural, candid moments. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Walk Together: Have the couple walk hand-in-hand. Ask the mom-to-be to place her other hand on her bump.
  2. Look at Each Other: While walking, prompt them to look at each other, then at the bump, and finally out into the distance. This creates a variety of beautiful shots.
  3. Stand Still: Have them stop and face each other, still holding hands. This pause can capture a tender moment of connection.

Forehead Touch

This pose emphasizes intimacy and connection. It’s a gentle, loving moment that translates beautifully in photos.

  1. Face Each Other: Position the couple facing each other, close enough that their foreheads can touch.
  2. Eyes Closed: Ask them to close their eyes and take a deep breath together. This creates a serene and loving image.
  3. Gentle Smile: Encourage a soft smile or a whisper to each other. This can often lead to genuine expressions and a natural look.

Sitting Together

Sitting poses offer a relaxed and intimate feel, perfect for focusing on the baby bump.

  1. Mom Between Dad’s Legs: Have the mom-to-be sit between her husband’s legs on a comfortable surface like a blanket. This setup allows for close physical contact and a supportive visual.
  2. Dad Holding Mom: Ask the dad-to-be to wrap his arms around her from behind, with both of them focusing on the bump. This creates a strong sense of unity and anticipation.
  3. Focus on the Bump: Capture shots from various angles, focusing on the bump while including the couple’s faces and expressions.

These poses not only highlight the bond between the couple but also celebrate the upcoming addition to their family. By incorporating these pregnancy photography poses, you can create heartfelt and memorable images that truly reflect the couple’s journey.

Outdoor Maternity Photography Poses

New England Maternity Pose

Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset silhouettes are a magical way to capture the beauty of pregnancy. The best time for this is during the golden hour—the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset. The soft, warm light creates a stunning backlit effect, making the mom-to-be and her bump glow.

To achieve this, position your subject with the sun behind her. This creates a dramatic silhouette that highlights her shape. You can ask her to stand, sit, or even hold her bump to add more emotion to the shot.

Nature Walks

Nature walks offer a relaxed and natural setting for maternity photos. Walking paths in parks, forests, or even gardens can provide a beautiful backdrop. These settings allow for candid shots, capturing genuine moments as the couple strolls hand in hand.

Encourage the couple to interact naturally—talk, laugh, or simply enjoy the walk. This helps to capture their connection and the excitement of expecting a new member of the family.

Scenic Backdrops

Scenic backdrops like mountains, beaches, and parks offer vibrant and captivating settings for maternity photos. These locations provide a sense of grandeur and beauty that complements the joy of pregnancy.

  • Mountains: Use the majestic peaks as a backdrop to create a sense of awe and wonder.
  • Beaches: The ocean waves and sandy shores provide a serene and peaceful environment.
  • Parks: Lush greenery and blooming flowers add a touch of color and life to your photos.

Incorporate these elements to create stunning images that celebrate both the beauty of nature and the journey of pregnancy.

By utilizing natural settings and vibrant backgrounds, you can capture candid moments that truly reflect the joy and anticipation of expecting parents. These outdoor maternity photography poses not only highlight the beauty of pregnancy but also create timeless memories in stunning environments.

Studio Maternity Photography Poses

Classic Portraits

In a studio setting, you have full control over the environment and lighting. This allows for beautifully lit and composed pregnancy photography poses.

Simple backgrounds work best for classic portraits. They keep the focus on the expecting mother and her baby bump.

For elegant poses, have mom stand or sit with her hand gently cradling her belly. Encourage her to look at the camera, or down at her bump, to capture a serene and loving moment.

Professional lighting helps in highlighting the glow of pregnancy and the tenderness of the moment. Use soft, diffused light to avoid harsh shadows and create a flattering look.

Creative Props

Props can add a personal touch to a pregnancy photoshoot, helping to tell the story of the couple’s journey to parenthood.

Baby shoes or an ultrasound photo are popular choices. These items symbolize the upcoming arrival and make the photos more meaningful.

Encourage the couple to bring personalized items like a knitted blanket from grandma or a favorite childhood toy. These props add a unique element to the photos and make them even more special.

Fabric Draping

Fabric draping can add a dramatic and artistic flair to maternity photos. Flowing fabrics create a sense of movement and elegance.

Use flowing fabrics to wrap around the mom-to-be, creating beautiful lines and shapes. This technique can highlight the baby bump in a stunning way.

For a dramatic effect, use bold colors or sheer fabrics. Play with different textures to add depth and interest to the photos.

Artistic poses with fabric draping can transform a simple studio setup into a visually captivating scene. Encourage the mom to move and interact with the fabric to capture natural and graceful moments.

By incorporating these studio maternity photography poses, you can create a variety of beautiful and memorable images that celebrate the beauty of pregnancy in a controlled and professional environment.


At Jodi Blodgett Photography, our mission is to capture precious moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. We understand the importance of documenting the beauty and excitement of pregnancy. Our approach is to create vibrant and whimsical images that truly reflect your unique journey into motherhood.

One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to making each session fun and memorable. We aim to capture the natural emotions and connections between family members, ensuring that every photo is a genuine reflection of your joy and anticipation.

Whether you’re looking for classic portraits, creative props, or outdoor settings, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our use of natural light and meticulous editing process guarantees that your photos will be both stunning and timeless.

Ready to preserve these special moments? Book your maternity photography session with Jodi Blodgett Photography today!

We look forward to helping you celebrate this incredible time in your life with images that will be treasured for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Photography Poses

Maternity photos from Professional New England Photographer

How do I make my clients feel comfortable?

Creating a relaxed atmosphere is key. Most couples feel nervous before a photoshoot, especially if it’s their first time. Assure them that it’s going to be fun and easy. A friendly approach helps—joke with them, share stories, and keep the conversation light.

Clear instructions are crucial. Guide them through each pose and prompt gently. For example, remind mom to always keep a hand on her bump. This not only makes the photos look more natural but also helps them focus on something specific, reducing awkwardness.

What should clients wear for a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity pictures are essential. Moms-to-be should feel at ease in what they’re wearing, as they’ll be moving around a lot.

Solid colors work best. They draw attention to the bump and the couple’s expressions without distracting patterns.

Avoid busy patterns. These can be distracting and take the focus away from the subjects. Instead, suggest clothing that complements the setting and each other. For instance, if shooting in nature, earth tones can be very flattering.

How can I incorporate siblings or pets into the photoshoot?

Interactive poses make it easier to include siblings or pets. Ask the kids to hug mom’s bump or have the family sit together with the pet in the middle.

Playful moments are great. Encourage the family to play a game or interact naturally. This can result in candid and heartfelt photos.

Family connection is the goal. Capture moments that show the bond between family members. Whether it’s a sibling talking to the bump or a pet resting its head on mom’s lap, these moments add depth and emotion to the photos.

By addressing these common concerns and providing clear, practical tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable maternity photoshoot for everyone involved.

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