6 Creative Siblings Photography Ideas You’ve Never Thought of Before

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Creative Siblings Photography

Sibling photos are cherished keepsakes that capture the unique bond between brothers and sisters. These photographs serve as a trip down memory lane, highlighting how children grow and change over time—right from baby curls to those adorable gaps left by missing baby teeth. 

Activities like throwing leaves can make sibling photoshoots more fun and engaging, encouraging children to let loose and enjoy the moment together.

Capturing the dynamics between a new baby and older kids can be challenging but is essential for creating meaningful family memories. Ensuring safety and comfort when posing siblings together with a new baby is crucial. Embracing diverse photography ideas not only preserves these fleeting moments but also turns them into treasured family memories.

Searching for unique ideas for your next siblings photography session? Look no further!
  1. Use props for newborns
  2. Embrace genuine moments
  3. Incorporate engaging activities
  4. Explore sweet poses like resting foreheads together
  5. Bring along special items like blankies or stuffed animals
  6. Don’t forget the family pet

Hi, I’m Jodi Blodgett, and with over a decade of experience in sibling photography, I aim to create images that are both vibrant and heartfelt. Join me as we explore some creative sibling photography ideas you’ve likely never thought of before.

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1. Use Props for Newborn Sessions

When photographing newborns with their siblings, safety is paramount. Newborns are delicate, and ensuring their well-being during a photoshoot is crucial. Using props can help achieve this while also adding a creative flair to your photos.

Creative Props

  • Baskets are a popular choice for newborn photography. They provide a cozy and secure space for the baby. You can line the basket with soft blankets to add texture and comfort. This creates a charming, rustic look that’s perfect for capturing those early moments.
  • Wooden beds are another excellent option. These mini beds are designed specifically for newborn photography and offer a safe and adorable setting for your photos. They can be dressed up with tiny pillows and blankets to match the theme of your shoot.

2. Genuine Moments

Capturing candid moments can add a touch of spontaneity and joy to your sibling photos. These natural interactions often reveal the true essence of the sibling bond.

Playing Games

Incorporating games can keep younger siblings engaged and excited. Simple games like tag, hide and seek, or even board games can create an environment where they’re relaxed and having fun. Additionally, suggesting an outdoor activity like throwing leaves can be a failsafe way of getting children to let loose and really enjoy themselves, capturing genuine interactions. Another great outdoor activity is to throw leaves, which encourages children to let loose and have fun together.

Spontaneous Shots

Sometimes, the best photos come from unexpected moments. Encourage siblings to walk, run, or even skip together. These movements create dynamic and lively images. A fast shutter speed can help you capture these fleeting moments with clarity.

“Sometimes you just have to let them be themselves. That may not feel perfect at the moment, but when they are grown, these photos will give you a wonderful memory of how they were as tiny humans.”

3. Incorporate Activities

New England siblings photography - outdoor activities

When it comes to siblings photography, incorporating activities can make a huge difference. Activities keep kids engaged and bring out genuine smiles and interactions.

Ideas for Activities:

  • Making Pancakes: Capture the fun and mess of cooking together.
  • Outdoor Activities: Show the adventure and freedom of a family bike ride.
  • Playing Games: Board games or hide and seek bring out genuine emotions.
  • Nature Walks: Collecting leaves or exploring trails can be both calming and engaging.
  • Arts and Crafts: Drawing or painting together can result in colorful and creative photos.
  • Reading Time: A quiet moment of reading a book together can be very touching.

Quote: “Activities bring out genuine smiles and laughter, making for perfect candid shots.

By incorporating activities into your sibling photo shoot, you’ll capture not just pictures, but memories of time spent together.

4. Resting Foreheads or Noses Together

Resting foreheads or noses together is a wonderful way to capture sweet and intimate moments between siblings. These poses often lead to giggles, making for some truly memorable photos.

Sweet Poses

This pose naturally brings siblings closer, both physically and emotionally. When their foreheads or noses touch, it creates a sense of connection and tenderness.

  • Forehead Touch: Have the siblings gently rest their foreheads against each other. This simple act can evoke a sense of unity and closeness.
  • Nose Nudge: A light nudge of the noses can be both endearing and playful, often resulting in spontaneous laughter.


The act of touching foreheads or noses often leads to giggles. These natural reactions are priceless and make for some of the best candid shots.

  • Prompt Laughter: Use funny noises or silly faces to prompt laughter. This keeps the mood light and fun.
  • Capture Quickly: Be ready to snap the shot as soon as the giggles start. These moments are fleeting, but they make for the most genuine photos.

5. Include Special Items

newborn siblings photography in New England

Special items like blankies, stuffed animals, and other valuable possessions can add a unique touch to your sibling photos. These items often hold sentimental value and can help children feel more comfortable during the shoot.

Blankies and Lovies

Kids’ special blankies and lovies are more than just pieces of fabric; they are their most prized possessions. Including them in a photo session captures a very personal aspect of their childhood.

  • Comfort and Familiarity: Bringing a beloved blankie can make children feel more at ease, resulting in more natural smiles and relaxed poses.
  • Memory Capsule: Years later, these photos will remind them of the comfort and security they felt, making the images even more precious.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are another fantastic addition to sibling photos. These cuddly friends can bring out genuine emotions and interactions.

  • Natural Poses: Kids often hug or play with their stuffed animals, which makes for adorable, candid shots.
  • End-of-Session Tip: It’s best to introduce stuffed animals toward the end of the session. This ensures kids stay focused initially and have something to look forward to.

Valuable Possessions

Encouraging parents to bring items that are meaningful to their children adds depth to the photos.

  • Personal Touch: Items like a favorite toy, a book, or even a small piece of jewelry can make the photos more personal.
  • Storytelling: These props can help tell a story about the children’s interests and personalities at that particular stage in their lives.

Including special items in your sibling photography session not only adds a personal touch but also helps children feel more at home. Next, let’s explore how bringing a pet can create even more candid and heartwarming moments.

6. Bring a Pet

parents, kids, and pets within the sibling photography shoot.

Bringing a pet to your siblings photography session can add an extra layer of charm and authenticity. Pets are often considered part of the family, and their presence can create natural, candid moments that truly capture the bond between siblings.

Tips for Success

  1. Bring Treats and Toys: These can help keep your pet focused and engaged.
  2. Visit Familiar Places: If the session is outdoors, choose a location where your pet feels comfortable.
  3. Allow Plenty of Time: Pets can be unpredictable, so having a flexible schedule is key.

Including a pet in your siblings photography session can result in some of the most genuine and heartwarming photos you’ll ever capture. Next, let’s explore how outdoor adventures can add a touch of magic to your sibling photos.


At Jodi Blodgett Photography, we understand the importance of capturing those precious moments between siblings. Our goal is to create vibrant images that highlight the unique bond and genuine emotions shared by your children.

Sibling photoshoots are more than just pictures; they are a way to freeze time and preserve the fleeting stages of childhood. Whether it’s the innocent giggles, the playful interactions, or the quiet moments of affection, these photos become treasured family memories.

We take pride in our ability to make each session enjoyable and stress-free. Our experience and expertise allow us to create a comfortable environment where your children can be themselves. This ensures that we capture their true personalities and the special connection they share.

Ready to capture your family’s unique story in a beautiful, timeless manner? Contact Jodi Blodgett Photography today. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sibling Photography

6 Creative Photography Ideas You've Never Thought of Before

What is sibling photography?

Sibling photography captures the bond and relationship between brothers and sisters. It’s about documenting their unique connection and creating lasting memories. These photos become cherished family treasures that reflect:

  • Bond: The special, sometimes playful, sometimes serious, relationship they share.
  • Relationship: How they interact with each other, whether it’s through playful banter or supportive gestures.
  • Lasting Memory: These images freeze moments in time, preserving memories that can be looked back on for years to come.

How can I make the photoshoot enjoyable for younger and older siblings?

Keeping younger siblings engaged and happy during a photoshoot can be challenging, but it’s crucial for capturing their true personalities. Here’s how:

  • Games and Activities: Incorporate fun activities they enjoy. Simple games like “Simon Says” or “Red Light, Green Light” can make the session lively and enjoyable.
  • Toys and Props: Bring along their favorite toys or props. These familiar items can make them feel more comfortable and willing to participate.
  • Praise and Encouragement: Offer lots of positive reinforcement. Compliment their smiles, poses, and cooperation to keep their spirits high.

Sibling photoshoots are a wonderful way to capture the essence of childhood and the unique bond between siblings. By encouraging closeness and incorporating playful elements, you can create vibrant, memorable images that the whole family will treasure.

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